Women with Curves are undeniably pretty

women with curves

women with curves

When we are little girls we have all the confidence in the world. We let our bellies hang out, we dance and play then life changes and we start questioning ourselves. We grow up and doubt ourselves over and over until we loose all that confidence and self-esteem. All the faith we started with is gone.

Why do we let those moments get to us?


Benefits of Professional Hair and Makeup for Your Boudoir Session


It is normal for plus size woman to say that they could never look like the women in our boudoir photo gallery or on our website because they are afraid that they need to be a certain size for boudoir.

That is so not true. You are PERFECT the way you are. Boudoir is about embracing your body and femininity and not trying to look like someone else’s body.

Some of the sexiest women are not always a size 2. They are any size as long as they feel sexy and know that they are beautiful. Confidence is sexy and this is the reason why many woman look so good.

What if we never lost that little girl confidence? What if when someone told us we aren’t pretty or thin enough we would just say I’m proud to be me.

Boudoir Photoshoots are empowering. It’s about capturing the beauty, elegance, and strength in every single woman. It’s all about glorifying bodies in all shapes and sizes.

If you’ve got curves, that’s fantastic because you are a knockout! Let me show you how to rock your curves.

You need to know who you are, accept it and love it with no guilt and no shame and Chantal Benoit Photography is here to help.

Connect with me for your free boudoir consultation at 613-841-1469 or by email.

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