Amazing Women who rocked their tattoos

Who says woman with tattoos cannot be beautiful!!!

Tattoos are about expression. They have a meaning and tell a story.  I had a tattoo done on my hip to celebrate my 30th, others do them for confidence, to remember someone who is no longer with them,  a fuck you to something.  Regardless of your reason tattoos are worth capturing.

Brides want to feel and look like the most beautiful versions of themselves on their wedding day and for tattooed bride, this means showing off their fabulous ink.

Bride and groom kissing in from of the Ottawa Parliament
Be an unconventional bride and show off your ink

Just like their gown, brides and bridesmaids are proud walking down the aisle showing off their body art at the same time showing off their personal style, creativity, and life experiences.

Brides with tattoos posing for a picture.

Bridesmaids with tattoos all laughing together.
Capture your beautiful body art by be showing off your ink in a boudoir session.    Your tattoos will make your sessions more unique and add a flair of edginess to all your photos.


Women lying on a bed showing her tattoos for a boudoir picture.


women lying on a bench looking at the camera.


Women lying on her side showing all her tattoos on her back.


women showing all her tattoos.


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