Will My Boudoir Photos Be Posted Online?



A common question I’m asked as a boudoir photographer is whether a client’s boudoir photos are going to end up on my website or on social media. That makes sense because I have photos of other clients on these channel, however the only photos you’re seeing are from clients who have given me permission to share them.

Why Boudoir Photos of Your Wife is an Amazing Thing.

None of my clients are obligated to have their photos posted and, in fact, many clients decide to keep their session private. These photos are disposed shortly after the clients pick up their products as there is no use of keeping them any longer.

When you have a boudoir session done with me, your privacy will be discuss at the time of the contract. Some women prefer to have zero photos shared anywhere while others are honored to give me permission to use them in my blogs, social media, trade shows, portfolios and website.

The photos will be shown to you first before they are posted anywhere to help ensure your peace of mind. You are free to change your mind again at this point in regards to posting your photos online. Do note that I have taken extra protective measures in my home and on my computer to ensure your photos are steel-trap safe.

If you purchase digital files and wish to share them on your social media accounts, once you receive them, you will find a clause in the email I send, on how to properly share them online to safely protect yourself as well.

Hope this blog brought you some peace of mind.

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