Why you should consider fake eyelashes

fake eyelashes for boudoir s

fake eyelashes for boudoir s

Your boudoir session is coming up and you are wondering whether or not you should have fake eyelashes. The answer is yes!!!

The more eye products we use such as mascara as we get older, the more our eyelashes fall out so therefore fake eyelashes have become very popular over the years.

They are sold every where from department stores to local pharmacies. They are a quick one time solution for thicker eyelashes.

They might feel heavy and look weird when you put them on however they will give you more of a dramatic sexy look in your pictures. They will make your eyes stand out, make a statement and make a huge difference in your photos as they will accentuate your eyes.

It is recommended to buy eyelash glue to help them stick. There are plenty of tutorials online to explain how to put them on such as this one to show you how to put them properly.

If you prefer to have them done professionally, the salon and makeup artist I recommend in my Getting Ready for your Boudoir Session Guide will be more than happy to provide them to you.

Faux lashes are totally divalicious!!!

I hope this blog post was useful to you in getting ready for your boudoir session or that special occasion. Follow this link to learn about manicure tips.

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