Why you should avoid fake tan for your boudoir photos

delicate boudoir photos or mature woman

delicate boudoir photos or mature woman

Some women can be tempted to use fake tan before their boudoir session thinking it will give them a better look but it can lead to some very unnatural and unattractive skin tones.

As much as tanning beds can be very relaxing but may also result in a slightly orange look that a digital camera will pick up. The same applies to spray tan and creams no matter how diligently you are.

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The color might not suit you. You might have extra color on your knees and elbows and be uneven under your armpits and the palm of your hands which might cost you additional fees to correct in your final photos.

You might not recognize yourself. Boudoir is about confidence and about seeing the beautiful woman you are. Seeing yourself in an unnatural color might be disappointed.

The last thing you want is to look like a sexy pumpkin and have to pay more in editing fee.

Don’t be afraid to you show your natural skin. Pale is the best and is beautiful in photos, embrace it!

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