Why this gal decided to do a boudoir session


Hold on to whatever you’re sitting in because we are about to go full-blown fire mode, people!

My bridal boudoir session with the gorgeous Miss C yielded some seriously stunning photos, and I am beyond excited to share some of them with you today.

Miss C was shy at first, however once we started posing and get into a flow, she worked it like nobody’s business!!



Why Every Bride Should Do A Boudoir Session!


I loved watching her blossom throughout the shoot, gaining confidence and having lots of fun.

We did this session at my private studio in Orleans, which is always the perfect spot to shoot because it is a private environment which women get to relax to soft music and a glass of wine. I absolutely love the vintage chaise, and the soft decor was everything a photographer could ask for.

Miss S wore 4 outfits, which she bought from a local store! Simply stunning!





These photos were a wedding gift to her husband-to-be. That is one lucky man!

Are you a bride to be? You have probably racked your brain with several photographers for your big day. But have you thought about doing a boudoir session as a special treat for your spouse to be?

This is a special time in your life. You want to capture and remember these beautiful moments forever. Let the walls down and bring your significant other closer to you. Besides, you will have a blast doing it.

Need an amazing personalized gift for your partner? Why not do a bridal boudoir session. Trust me, this will be an empowering experience. Connect with me for your free boudoir consultation at 613-841-1469 or by email.

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