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If you’re checking this blog, then you probably have begun your search for an Ottawa boudoir photographer and have discovered that boudoir photography is not a small investment. It is also likely that, prior to this research, you may not have realized that the value of a boudoir empowering experience comes from so much more than just beautiful pictures.

What do you mean you say? Aren’t the photos the whole point of having a boudoir session?”

No it’s not. And if this surprises you, then I’m glad that you’ve found this blog post. In fact, I encourage you to keep reading to learn more about the value of an empowering experience with Chantal Benoit Photography and find out why professional boudoir photography services are not, and should not be, cheap.

How boudoir photography was born.

My Responsibility as a Boudoir Photographer
Professional boudoir photographers understand that our responsibility is a whole lot more for our clients than simply “take nice pictures” of them. Just as an engaged couple puts their trust in a wedding photographer to capture precious moment of their wedding day, Chantal Benoit Photography understand that all woman who comes at the studio is placing a special kind of trust in her, and this could possibly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her, as well.

(Although, more often than not, so many clients love this experience so much that they come back for more!!) Every woman who comes at the studio is honored and respect her reasons for having a boudoir session, and especially trusts my expertise in knowing which outfits, lighting, props and poses will be the most flattering for her. However, what she may not realize is that I also take what I do very seriously in order to create an environment in which she can be vulnerable and safe without judgement, so she’s able to see herself as the amazing and gorgeous woman she really is, both during and after her photo session, and to provide her with beautiful, artistic photographs that will always remind her of this empowering experience and her own self-worth.

You will definitely find a less expensive photographer who will photograph you wearing next to nothing, and you can you really trust enough to put yourself in such a vulnerable position with him/her if they don’t even value their own work enough to charge within the industry standards?

There are also “chain” boudoir photography companies who are competitively priced. They operate by hiring a freelance photographer in different cities to meet up with clients in a hotel room or some other rented space for a cookie-cutter photo session, which after the client is push to high-pressure tactics by the salesperson who was also hired by that same company. Yes, you may walk away with some nice photos in the end, however it is usually far from being a personalized, life-changing, experience.

The bottom line is that a reputable photographer who specializes in boudoir photography will charge not only what they need to continue running their business, and will also know their services are worth based on their years of professional experience, the quality of their work, and how much time and effort they put into assuring their clients have an empowering experience. They also understand and care about the overall effect a boudoir session can have on a woman’s life, which can be positive OR negative, depending on how that woman is treated throughout her boudoir experience and how she feels about herself when she sees the final result.

My Personal and Financial Investment in You
While I cannot speak for any other boudoir photography studios, I can confidently tell you that the reason why “you get what you pay for” at Chantal Benoit Photography is because I am fully committed in providing every woman who hires me with the best empowering experience possible.

Part of that investment comes in a private studio located in Orleans/Ottawa, Ontario where I can provide driveway parking and Oc Transpo drop off at the corner of my street.

SIX uniquely boudoir photography sets with different sofa, lounge benches and chairs! I am also constantly investing in photo editing software, photography equipment, education, coaches because there’s always more to learn in this ever-changing boudoir industry.























In addition to all the financial investments made by my small business to ensure my clients receive the best experience (don’t forget about the complimentary wine, cheese and grapes, satin robe, toiletries in the private changing room and a wide variety lingerie and Shoe Collection, etc.),


This includes a complimentary consultation, the hours spent one-on-one with you in the studio on the day of the session, the many hours spent personally editing every gorgeous photograph, the time spent at your viewing and helping you put together your order, the time spent personally designing each page of your boudoir album, and of course delivering your order. Those hours really do add up, and this doesn’t even include the fact that I’m available via phone, email, and Facebook Messenger to answer any questions you may have before, during, or after the session.

The Value of a Boudoir Experience Exceeds the Investment
While I could continue listing more expenses involved in running a successful boudoir photography business, my goal today was less about justifying the cost of my services and more about hoping to educate you on the true VALUE of a boudoir experience, which is far greater than many people realize. For some past clients, this experience was a step towards reclaiming their self-worth, reconnecting with their inner goddess, restoring their self-confidence, celebrating a milestone, and even healing from past trauma, while for many others it was as simple as wanting to be reminded that they are a beautiful woman, deserving of love!

It is also important to note that, a boudoir experience at Chantal Benoit Photography is not cheap, it IS affordable thanks to payment plan options. I also think you will find that my prices are very comparable to other professional boudoir photography studios.



The Bottom Line
While past clients are 100% confident that Chantal Benoit Photography’s boudoir photography experience is worth every penny, it truly just boils down to what you personally value and what you feel you deserve. If you value my 30 years of experience specializing in boudoir, if you appreciate the quality of work and value yourself enough to hire the best and most experienced boudoir photographer in Ottawa, then I would be honored to have you in my studio!

Are you ready to have an empowering experience? Connect with me for your free boudoir consultation at 613-841-1469 or by email.

You don’t have anything to wear? You don’t want to spend money on new lingerie? No problem, simply borrow something from my boudoir lingerie closet.