Why I do my boudoir sales session at the studio


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Once in a while I have a client who will request if she can have her boudoir proofs sent through an online gallery to save her time from coming back to the studio. Unfortunately, I will decline the request for different reasons.

One of the main reason is that I am not there to answer questions in regards to what can be done as far as editing such as scratches on the walls, floor and outlets. Some clients believe those will remain in the photos for the final products. Some times there are pieces of lingerie that will cause something to the body or skin which can be easily be adjusted in Photoshop as well that the client does not know if it’s look at through an online gallery.

How to Prepare Your Hair and Skin for Your Boudoir Session

It is also much easier to show and explain products and timeline at the studio than trying to explain by email.

Once in a while I will also have a client who will request to meet at a coffee shop because it’s half way from her home and my studio, again I will decline the request as I feel coffee shops are public places and could make you uncomfortable if other people around see what’s happening.  The studio is much more private and in a calmer atmosphere.

Some clients don’t give me permission to use their photos for promotional purposes therefore a coffee shop or an online gallery is not exactly the best route to go.

The studio is designed with comfortable furniture, soft music and a big screen monitor allowing you the peace of mind to make your selection without aggravation.

Boudoir is a luxury why cut corners when it comes time to making your final selection.  After all the end result is what you will have to remember your experience.

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Don’t have anything to wear? No worries simply borrow something from my boudoir lingerie closet.