Why Every Bride Should Do A Session



You’re getting married? Congratulations on one of the most exciting times of your life! Between cake testing and licking invitation envelopes, it’s important to take some time for yourself.

As a bride-to-be, a boudoir session is an excellent way to capture a moment when your agenda might feel more like a tornado because the best part of this is the self-care.

The Ultimate Bridal Boudoir Session Guide


Here are the reasons why booking a boudoir session is the greatest wedding gift you can give yourself and your husband to be:

A gift for you

Your upcoming wedding is a perfect time to celebrate the uniquely beautiful you. Give yourself the confidence boost you need on your wedding day and maybe even get to know a new foxy side of yourself you didn’t know you had

A Little Treat For Him

You’ve found your special someone, why not gift him a boudoir album. It’s a perfect way to spice up your relationship and a splendid keep’s sake of this exciting time! Just think about how good you’ll feel, knowing you’ve won his heart when it comes to wedding gifts.

Who Doesn’t Love An Excuse To Shop

Grab your girlfriends for a fun day of lingerie shopping and maybe a cocktail after. Shopping with your friends is a great way to stretch your creative opportunity, and to get some great feedback from people who love you.

Research Your Options

In a perfect world, an educational class would be offered to every woman when it comes to picking out lingerie. However, no matter how many magazines you go through, you most likely haven’t nailed down your favorite lingerie set yet. A boudoir session is a perfect time to show your confidence in a different new way. Whether you go for an bodysuit, a tank top, or a garter belt and stocking look (or all of the above), this is the perfect time to discover your ideal lingerie style.

Keep Those Wedding Memories

If you don’t do it now, in 20 years you might regret it. Capture this special milestone in your life by celebrating this moment in a whole new way. Because you’re worth it. When you will look back, you’ll thank your past self for making this awesome investment.

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