Why Do You Charge So Much for Boudoir Photography?



Boudoir Photography

As a boudoir photographer, I often get asked sometimes not so kindly however mostly out of curiosity “Hey! Why the heck do you charge so much for taking boudoir photos?”

It’s a fair question, really, and we all have similar thoughts any time we are about to spend a decent chunk of change on anything so I thought I would take the time to explain why I charge what I do and what goes into the total cost.

You’re never to old for Boudoir Photography.

1. The photos taken are sensitive. Not only do you want to trust someone who’s professional and makes you feel very comfortable in this intimate setting, you also want someone who will handle your photos with the utmost care during the editing and storing process.

2. It took time to learn this art. The cost of the session isn’t just for the time we are spending together; you’re paying for all the years of experience that got me where I am today. You’re getting photos that reflect years’ worth of experience.

3. Photography equipment can be quite expensive as well as computer, computer software, electricity, heating, props, furniture and the lingerie closet I supply my clients. I’ll spare you all the numbers, however my arsenal cost wave in the five-figure range.

There’s a lot of behind the scenes work clients may not realize is happening. I spend time researching the latest photography techniques, looking through photos from your session to select the best one, and editing the ones you select for your book, albums and wall prints. The time spent doing these things surpasses our time at the actual session, so it ensures an excellent finished product.

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