Why Boudoir photos Matters For the Military Wife



Boudoir photos are getting very popular for military wives due to many different reasons. If you’re a military wife, then consider these five reasons why a boudoir session is a great idea:

1) It reminds your partner how beautiful and sexy you are every time they look at your boudoir photos.

Wonder what women do with their Boudoir Photos?

2) Event though you are miles apart from each other, it can help cultivate emotional intimacy in your relationship. Remember, it’s not just the photos, it’s also the fact that you took the time to do something like this for your partner.

3) It keeps your physical connection alive, which is one of the most difficult parts of having a partner leave home for a long period of time. Some clients write sexy notes with the photos or on the back of their photos.

4) It gives your partner something tangible to hold onto when they are away for a long stretch of time. They may not always have easy access to the internet or electronic devices, however they do get to have physical belongings with them.

5) It’s an opportunity for you to do something for yourself, as well. Sometimes that bit of self-care can make all the difference for you! That empowering experience can be a boost of confidence for yourself and for your relationship.

Bonus Tip: It’s romantic and traditional. Today’s boudoir photos may be a little different from the wallet photos held onto by military men of the past, however it’s traditional at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed these tips. If you are a military wife looking to do something special for her husband, call today at 613-841-1469 or email me to book your session.

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