boudoir photography ottawa

What you ought to know about boudoir.

boudoir photography ottawa


So many women inquire about a boudoir session and tell me that they will need a LOT of Photoshop and it simply not true. They think the women on my website are all models while they are regular every day woman.

Posing and lighting hides 99% of the things that I want to show off or hide, Photoshop is just the icing on the cake.

Photoshop is basically for five things that I will do to every photo. Adjust the density, sharpen, add a soft, remove dust and marks and enhance the eyebrows and eye lashes.

5 tips to help you prepare for your boudoir consultation.

Back in the days of film we used to soften the skin with filters. With today’s digital it’s required to do it in Photoshop because High Definition cameras shows off too much.

Photoshop is meant to enhance something that can’t be done in posing. It can also fix a wardrobe malfunction such as bra and panties cutting into the body giving you a love handle.

Bruises, blemished, bug bits, pimples, anything that is not part of your usual self is removed. Scars from a surgery is left up to the client and there are no judgments.

Wrinkles shows you have laugh, cried, showed your emotions so you have earned them and they are not removed completely.

Will you leave feeling sore the next day from the poses that I put you into? Probably however I promise you it will all worth it when you see the photos.

You will most likely wonder if you looked okay even though you saw a couple of photos in the camera during your session.

Those fears will be go away once you come back to see your photos on the big screen monitor and you see just how amazing you look.

A boudoir session is fun, energetic, uplifting, empowering and exciting. You might leave feeling a bit tired, however you will also leave feeling amazing.

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