What You Need to Know About Your Boudoir Photos and Copyright Restrictions


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Many clients never think to ask about making prints of their boudoir photos or about sharing them on their social media accounts; until they get a notice from the photographer that this can result in a lawsuit.

Others are going about their day when they see their boudoir photos come up in an advertisement or in a magazine and find out there is nothing they can do about it. There are a few key things you will want to know about your boudoir photos and will want to discuss with your photographer before you sign your contract.


1. Who owns the images?
Many clients think that once they hire a boudoir photographer and receive their final photos that they then own the copyright to them, but this is not the case. In almost all cases the photographer owns the copyright to your photos, which means they can use them in any way they choose without having to inform you about it. You can buy the copyright to your photos from the photographer if they offer it, however this often comes with a high price tag and some photographers will not even consider selling the rights.

2. Copyright restrictions?
Since your photographer owns your photos this can limit what you can do with them. Some may require you to make additional prints only through them, which many clients don’t mind, since the quality of the photos tend to be much greater. Some other restrictions can include not being able to share your photos on your social media accounts unless they show the photographer’s watermark or the photographer is credited.

3. The photographer’s use of your images.
Your photographer will be able to post your boudoir photos wherever they like including:
1. Websites
2. Social Media
3. Promotional Materials
4. Advertisements
5. Blogs

They can even submit your photos to different magazines, all without your additional consent and most often without you even knowing.

While the copyright aspects of your boudoir contract can seem like an intimidating matter to discuss, your photographer should respect your privacy and not use your photos if you ask them to adjusts the agreement in their contract. Please rest assure, Chantal Benoit Photography will only use boudoir photos if she has received permission to use them. For the photos where she can’t use, they shall be disposed after a certain period of time.

I hope this tips were help and bring you piece of mind in hiring Chantal Benoit Photography as your boudoir photographer.

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