What to Wear to your Boudoir Session

black and lace lingerie for boudoir shoot

What to Wear Wednesday has become a trend in boudoir photography to educate client on what they can wear to their boudoir session. It is also a frequently asked question by clients.

The following are ideas that will give you inspiration on what to wear to your boudoir session.

Daring is were you take on the wild side with your outfit choice. Add a huge gold necklace to cover your up body instead of a bra. A pair of high heels to elongate your legs. Or wear a hat to cover one eye for a mysterious look. If you’re daring make sure you have at least one piece that reflects that.

daring lingerie for boudoir session


Periwinkle it looks fabulous on all skin tones and on camera. Weather you choose to wear a one piece to hide some of your body parts or a 2 piece to show everything off, you’ll be able to find this colour. Basic black is great but why not step out of your comfort zone for variety.

purple lingerie for boudoir session


Lace me up – whether it’s dark and sexy or light and playful, lace is classic and photographs beautifully. Put on a top with matching panties and high heels. Add jewelry and you will have class and glamour for your photos as lace looks sophisticated. Just make sure that you find the colour that best suits your skin tone and a cut best for your body type.

lingerie with lace for boudoir session

The Fashionista – bold necklaces, bras with gauzy chiffon ties, and fringed kimonos are just the pieces for a gorgeous boudoir style and great for the woman who may want to cover up a bit more.


black and lace lingerie for boudoir shoot

Leather Jacket is wild and dramatic. There are so many choices when it comes to leather it will definitely give you a very sexy look. Add lace, jewelry and high heels and your are set.

leatherette lingerie for boudoir photo shoot


White Bride is a soft look. Make it even more classy by adding rhinestones, shiny jewelry and high heel shoes.

lingerie for brides


Cream is another soft look especially with one my background in the studio. It’s timeless, gorgeous and glamorous.

cream lingerie for a soft look in boudoir

There are so many options when it comes to boudoir and I want to make sure that YOU shine through the outfits that you bring.

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