What to wear for a boudoir photoshoot



Many of my clients want to do a boudoir photoshoot, however they become overwhelmed by what to wear and where to shop. First of all did you know Chantal Benoit Photography offers a lingerie closet and many of my clients arrive with just their purse and I supply everything they need?


Tricks on becoming confident during your boudoir photoshoot

Other than hair and makeup, which when you book your date you will receive a PDF to help you get ready with a recommendation from these 2 beautiful salon that are about 1.6km from my studio. You can go there pamper yourself with hair and makeup and then come ready. Many of my clients do that and it works out for them as they enjoy the beautiful environment and their experience start there. They feel like it’s a day of pampering!!

Other then that I will supply everything else, lingerie, thigh high, shoes, a bit of jewelry, snacks, water, wine, robe, private room, and more.

If you are getting ready to book a session in the near future and work on your wardrobe, here are some great tips:

– For romantic photos, choose subtle/matte/fundamental/pastel colors. If you are doing a bridal boudoir session, you might want to pick lingerie that will be the colors of your wedding.

– You can bring a killer bra (with good support) and panty set.- If you are self conscious about your tummy, a corset or bodysuit is a great idea. Shapewear is PERFECT as well. Fitted things will actually be more flattering as it will show your curves!

– When choosing your corset, stick with a corset that has a sweetheart neckline. Corsets that are straight in the bust area tend to flatten your chest instead of flattering it.

– Lace and layers look great. Sophisticated lingerie photographs beautifully

– Bring high heels. The higher/skinnier the heels the better as they lengthen and slim your legs!

Don’t forget to Peak into my Closet to see what you can borrow.

If you would like to find out more information about booking your boudoir session, contact me so we can book your free consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you!