What to Look for in a Boudoir Photographer



So, you’re considering a boudoir session and now looking for boudoir photographer? It’s not every day you put on a sexy outfit and get in front of a camera. I understand a lot of thinking takes place to get you here. Sometimes nerves get the best of people.

Here are some helpful things to consider when choosing your potential photographer during your consultation.

Boudoir Photographer FAQ Answered:

Are the photos you see the style you are looking for?

Every boudoir photographer has a style and eye and see things differently. Make sure you are choosing one that you like. Whether it be posing, editing, or location.

Are they running a legal business?

Is the boudoir photographer paying taxes, and insured? This reduces the risk of errors and ensures proper procedures, contracts, and insurance is in place, not just for them, but for you as well. How long have they been in business for? Do they have reviews?

Do you feel Safe?

This one is very important. Do you feel safe having them photograph you? Do you feel comfortable? Do they use professional labs for editing or printing? Where are your photos going after they are taken? Don t be afraid to ask questions about storage and who will be handling your photos after they are taken.

Are you signing a model release?

It is required that boudoir photographers have your written permission to use or to not use your photos online, in marketing, and social media platforms. Make sure this is discussed on how and where you do and don t want your photos to be used at the time you sign your contract.

Do they Clean the sheets and lingerie?

Are they cleaning the sheets and other items you may be using or wearing during your session?

Do they offer editing that you like?

Every boudoir photographer edits differently. Some do color adjustments and simple crops, some do magazine style editing, while others are all natural. Photos are copyrighted to photographers so they are the only ones authorized to edit the photos, so make sure the editing style is something you like. Such as removing acne, and bruises.

Don’t purchase a session just because of the cost

While everyone understands a budget is important , the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Really think about this decision, as you more than likely will only do a boudoir once in your life. While sessions can range in so my different price points, it’s important you choose a photographer because you like the work they produce rather than based on cost . A lot of times low end costs come with low end experience and that may make your photos and experience less impressive. A lot of professional photographers book sessions further out which give you time to save money and these photographers should offer payment plan as well.

Do they have work that is actually photos they have taken?

Too often when someone goes to a new photographer, then to discover the work they are showing are not even photos they have taken, but are using another photographers work or photos they purchased online. Read reviews, Facebook and Google doesn’t allow the business owner to remove or edit reviews, so you can get a good feel for a session from others’ point of view. It is also great to ask your friends who they have worked with.

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