What shoes to wear for your boudoir session

ideas for long legs

boudoir session ideas for long legs

Did you know a simple pair of shoes can give you a very sexy look? Whether they are heeled, strapped, decorated with studs or flowers, a pair of heels can be the finishing touch in your boudoir photos.

Adding a few pairs to their wardrobe is always recommended and here are 7 tips for making the right choice:
1. High heels are always best because they will lengthen your legs as oppose to flats will shorten them and make a stop at the end at the end of your legs.

boudoir photography bare feet

sexy boudoir photo with shoes

2. No being able to walk in them is not a big deal as you will be lying down, sitting or leaning on a wall. Your shoes can be worn only for the photo part and then taken off.

3. Avoid straps that are too tight, pressing into your skin or are too small and make your toes pass the end as the camera will notice them. The better the fit, the better you will look wearing them.

4. Avoid worn out shoes unless they have great meaning to you because scuffs and marks will show up in photo and take away the look of your outfit.

5. Black or nude shoes will go with basically every outfit and will look good in photos. You are more than welcome to bring other colors to match your outfits.

6. Knee high boots, especially with laces, will look very sexy in photos, particularly with garters and stockings or thigh high socks.

7. If you are going with a particular theme, don’t be afraid to bring the shoes to go with the look such as cowboy boots, converse running shoes for a sporty look etc.

Shoes will make you go from shy and insecure to bursting with confidence.

If you need help choosing, don’t hesitate to ask I’m here to help!

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