What is Boudoir Photography Anyway?

striking ottawa boudoir photograph

striking ottawa boudoir photograph

That’s such a great question because a lot of women don’t know what it means when they hear the word boudoir photography or they think it’s racy, dirty or porn.

According to wikipedia  boudoir is a woman’s private sitting room or salon in a furnished accommodation, usually between the dining room and the bedroom, but can also refer to a woman’s private bedroom.

The fact that boudoir is a private bedroom, it’s a place where a woman can relax, read a book, play with makeup and your hair, try on different accessories and wardrobe.

How to get ready for your boudoir photography session

She can do all this as much as she desires in her private place. She can get ready for bed, make herself up to be fierce, feminine, playful, sexy, sweet…you get the idea.

So this all comes back to boudoir photography as it’s a type of photography that allows a woman to explore herself, her mood, her fear, her limits and her power.

Boudoir is a private place where a woman will relax with a glass of wine, get her hair and makeup done, get out of her comfort zone with lingerie, lace, jewelry, heels and accessories.

Boudoir is a shoot in which a woman is vulnerable, in her most private nightwear and even her bare minimum. Where she exposes and worship herself. Accepting who she is, flaunting her beauty, celebrating what makes her so unique.

Boudoir is a way for a woman to rediscover who she is, gain her self-esteem back, take ownership of her body and personality.

Although there are different types of boudoir such as tasteful nudes, vintage, pinup, high-key, low-key, outdoor, fetish, erotic, couples, in the end boudoir is fine art that highlights beauty.

At Chantal Benoit Photography you will find classy and elegance because I portray women as centered and confident.

In the end, boudoir can be very much an attitude. It can be rewarding and meaningful. It can be a fluid term that can represent and encompass whatever you want it to be.

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