What is a Boudoir Photography Session?



Boudoir photography, is a woman in a sexy garment in a beautiful setting.

If you’re trying to decide between whether or not you should have boudoir session, consider the following reasons:

Boudoir Photography FAQ

Reasons to Have Boudoir Session

· You will feel comfortable and build your confidence

· You want to gift your partner the photos of yourself

· You want to have these photos for yourself, as a sort of “gift” to yourself

· You want to celebrate your body, specifically

· You’d like to exercise free reign over the session planning experience

Boudoir is a very intimate type of photography. The whole process might seem nerve-racking, however here at Chantal Benoit Photography, you are more than just a pretty picture.

Your nervousness will disappear, and you will transform into a stunner. Feeling beautiful from the inside is what it is all about. Connect with me at 613-841-1469 or by email to schedule your session.

Don’t have anything to wear from your closet? don’t want to go out and spend money on new lingerie? No problem simply borrow something from my boudoir lingerie closet.