Ways to reveal your boudoir photos to your partner

The boudoir teaser

The boudoir photos teaser

Whether you are doing a boudoir session for the Holidays, Valentine’s Day, a wedding or anniversary gift, figuring out how to surprise your significant other with your boudoir photos can be a bit tricky.

Here are 3 ways to give you some inspiration.

1) The bride to be: Have your photos delivered to your fiancé the morning of your wedding and watch him smile when you come down the aisle or save your photos for your honeymoon and hide them underneath his pillow.

2) Play Hide & Seek is great for anniversaries! It will require a bit of work for you to arrange a small scavenger hunt. Leave a little something such as wine, massage oil, lingerie at each clue location. Have the last clue lead to your bedroom where your wear one of the outfits from your session and have your boudoir photos waiting on the bed.

3) The Teaser. Throughout the day, text him a photo or two of your boudoir session. He’s going to be very surprise then have several questions to drive him extra-crazy, do not answer his calls or reply to his messages. Greet him wearing one of your outfits and with the rest of his gift when he comes home at the end of the day.

Are you ready to surprise your special someone with your own boudoir photos?

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