Unexpected things you’ll want to bring to a boudoir Photoshoot

boudoir for curvy women

boudoir photoshoot for curvy women

Below you will find a list of things you’ll want to bring to a boudoir Photoshoot.

The Secrets to nailing your boudoir wardrobe

1) Clear deodorant – Wearing clear deodorant is essential to your boudoir photoshoot session to eliminate deodorant on your lingerie and bar residue under your armpits making airbrushing more even in post production.

2) Wardrobe malfunction kit – It happens, a torn sleeve, rip in the hem, and even a strap coming undone. To be prepared for these circumstances you want to have a quick fix on hand. Sewing kit with white thread, safety pins, extra buttons and double-sided tape will help you and your dress stay picture perfect. Rubber bands and bobby pins that match your hair color as useful as well.

3) Black and White bra and panties. They come handy in many different situations.

4) Makeup bag. Although you have your makeup done professionally, you might need just the essentials. Your face might become shinny so lose powder is handy or you might need to re-touch your lipstick or lip gloss. You’ll also want a small stack of blotting papers to help remove sweat and oil as well as some Q-tips to fix up any smudged eyeliner or mascara.

5) High thighs in different sizes. I’ve seen clients bring one size and they did not fit or got ripped when opening the package.

Chantal Benoit Photography has plenty of items you can borrow. Follow this link https://ottawaboudoir.com/boudoir-lingerie-closet/ to see what’s available.

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