To tan or not to Tan?

luxury boudoir photographer in ottawa

luxury boudoir photographer in ottawa

To tan or not to tan: How tanning can impact your boudoir photo session.

A common question regarding prepping for your Boudoir Session, is whether to tan or not to tan. The answer is simple and it may actually surprise you.

The answer is absolutely NOT!

How to get ready for your boudoir session

The reason is because the lighting in the studio is really nice, and a fake tan tend to make your skin look orange, and no one wants that. Even the best spray tans or tanning lotions can cause some crazy skin tones in the camera. Unless you want to run the risk of looking like a cast member of Willy Wonka, I would say skip the fake tans.

Spray tans close to the session ends up staining the furniture and the lingerie that I spend a lot of time and money on – and unfortunately those stains don’t come out.

If you are truly terrified about looking light, I promise to give you a nice natural glow by adding a little ‘warmth’ to your photos instead of having to reschedule your session because your skin tone was off.

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Don’t have anything to wear? No problem, simply borrow something from Chantal Benoit Photography boudoir lingerie closet.