This groom’s gift left him speechless


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Kassandra wanted to offer a very special gift to her husband to be.  She asked me to drive to a secluded area so I could photograph her in her sexy attire with his truck.  I thought the idea was fabulous!!!

Kassandra chose her top favorite 14 sexy photos and what a perfect way to show off her impressive photos other than in a Little Black Book.

The album comes in a black box ready to gift wrap.  The pages are thick bounded with a spiral.

gift for groom unique gift for groom

The Little Black Book is simple, discreet, sexy and perfect for gift giving!

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If you’re stuck for ideas on presents to give your hubby-to-be on your wedding day, this Little Black Book is the perfect gift.

Just imagine your guy opening this book with photos of sexy little you!  Connect with me today at 613-841-1469 or email me to schedule your boudoir session.