The Ultimate Bridal Boudoir Guide

ottawa bridal boudoir

Bridal Boudoir

ottawa bridal boudoir


Wedding Season is about to arrive and you are a beautiful bride looking for the greatest gift for your husband to be, what could be better than Boudoir bridal photos?

One of the main reasons clients book Boudoir sessions at Chantal Benoit Photography is because the photos make an awesome gift. Who wouldn’t be excited to receive a sexy boudoir book on their wedding night? Plus, you’ll have so much fun doing it.

Getting Started

The Fun and Flirty Wedding Gift


Even though many women book their Boudoir session so that they can give these photos as a gift, they soon realize that it’s also about them because boudoir is empowering. Boudoir gives women the opportunity to boost their confidence and realize just how beautiful and fabulous they really are.

It’s just amazing watching these women leave my studio with a sparkle in their eyes because they feel so fabulous about themselves.

Boudoir and weddings were made for each other, because Boudoir is a celebration: a celebration of you!

Tips and tricks

None of the ladies in the photos you see in my blogs, website, social media etc are professional models and they look fabulous therefore so will you. With proper direction, guidance and preparation you will look fabulous as well.

Focus on the details, buy yourself some AMAZING lingerie. These photos are going to be something to cherish the rest of your life. Chantal Benoit Photography also has an amazing lingerie closet you can choose from.

Here are 10 reasons why you should do it!

  1. It’ll Make a Great Gift for you and him
  2. Because You’re Beautiful and You Should Show It Off
  3. It’s an Empowering Experience
  4. You Get to Buy and Wear Lingerie
  5. It’ll Make his Head Spin!!!
  6. You Get to Be Pampered
  7. It’s Fun
  8. The Chance to See Yourself in a Whole New Light
  9. It’s a great Confidence Boost
  10. It’s a great chance to reconnect with your inner Goddess

Your Boudoir photos aren’t only the perfect gift for that special someone, but they are proof of how incredible you are at this point in your life.

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