The Sexiest Wedding Gift

ottawa bridal boudoir


ottawa bridal boudoir wedding gift


Some brides-to-be want a special gift to give their spouse on their wedding night. What better than a Little Black Book to show him the side of you that he doesn’t get to see every day? Bridal boudoir is an amazing and sexy groom’s gift, a reminder of the beautiful woman he’s marrying.




You can mix portions of your wedding attire (veil, bow tie, etc.) with something of his, something he likes, tasteful nudes. Whatever outfits you choose to wear, your Little Black Back will surely be a sexy gift for his night table drawer.

The below video shows you an example of Miss E’s Little Black Book.

If you are a bride to be and you plan on giving a boudoir photo book to your husband to be as a wedding gift, you’ll want to book your photo shoot  2 to 3 months before your wedding to allow plenty of time for editing and printing then you’ll need to factor in time for a boudoir album.

Go ahead, romance your groom with this sweet gesture.

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