The Secret to Looking Fabulous in Photos!

how to pose for boudoir

We all have those one less-than-flattering photos. The one where you say I’m not photogenic!!

I totally understand why women finds it intimidating to come in for a boudoir session and get undressed in front of a stranger.

The Secrets to nailing your boudoir wardrobe


For your information I would not be staring at you while you figure out how to pose sexy for the camera. All my clients are guided through their boudoir session, I show them how to pose, will even get down on my back and knees to show you a pose that will make you look like you can stop traffic.

In the meantime here are some tips and tricks to slim down your waist line. Create the illusion of a smaller waist by simply placing your hands around your middle waist and bringing your hands in closer to give the appearance of a teeny, tiny waist. No Photoshop required.

photo tips for boudoir posing
Start by placing your hands on your waist.


looking fabulous in photos
Bring your hands closer to each other.


how to pose for boudoir
Bend one knee to add a curve to your body


Follow this link to learn more tips and tricks to pose with confidence

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