The quality photographers make to cheat costs down



You’ve probably been thinking of doing a boudoir session and checked out other photographers.

After looking around you started to wonder how much a boudoir session with this photographer will cost vs another photographer. Some don’t share their base price list publicly which can be frustrating, however for those who do, you’ve probably come to realize that some are no doubt cheaper than others. You wonder what really is the difference when comparing the final artwork or experience from one photographer to another.

Boudoir Photographers FAQ Answered

The simple fact is that low-priced boudoir photographers are usually cutting corners on quality when producing your final photos in an effort to save time. The photographers that do this are then often forced to take on a bigger volume business model (such as McDonalds or any fast-food joint) to become more profitable.

How do you feel about a drive thru experience boudoir?

Here are 5 ways boudoir photographers cut corners in quality as a way to offer cheaper sessions:

1) They limit session time and give you what they shoot during that time regardless if you love it or not.

2) They outsource the editing of your photos to cheaper, lower end editing companies.

3) They use quick skin retouching techniques.

4) They use no Photoshop skills at all leaving your skin with blemishes, glare and bruises.

5) They choose lower quality labs to produce your final artwork which means your photos can end up with a red or yellow tint.

This post might feel a bit scary, however I believe it’s very important to help you understand exactly what you get so you can better make a decision when choosing which boudoir photographer you should go with.

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