The Power of a Boudoir Book

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If you asked me what my favorite product is I will say an album or a boudoir book as they can be displayed on your night table or safely tucked away. One thing for sure they are quick to take out when you need to look at them.

The purpose of this blog is to cover the power that a gorgeous book has to offer.

Boost your Daily Confidence with this amazing Boudoir Book

Before we get into all the benefits of having a book, I want you to imagine all of your digital files on your computer, your phone, professionally taken or the ones that your loved ones shared with you.

How many of these files did you actually print into an album, book or photo prints?

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Now imagine all the albums you own. Maybe they are really old and you have inherited them from your parents or grandparents. How many of these albums do you regret owning? Most likely none of them.

Here are 3 reasons on why you should own a boudoir book:

1. Books/Albums are made to last

If you are anything like me and have thousands of photos on your phone and computer, the thought of losing all those photos is scary. We are all obsessed with getting our digital photos, however, finding the time to create and print them into a book or album seems impossible! So our photos continue to increase in number and time passes so quickly, we completely forget about it.

My 8×8 Books are made to last. You pick 25 of your favorite boudoir photos and I take care of the rest.




2. Something you hold in your hands

We’ve all been there, digging through Facebook or our phone trying to find that certain photo to show someone. Even if you manage to back up your photos on your computer, like it or not I’ve had so many clients contact me who lost their files due to their computer crashing and had to pay re-uploading fee to receiving their files again.

There is something magical about holding a book in your hands and turning the pages. Seeing the colors and the quality of the photos printed. The quality can be felt with your hands and the pages allow every single photo to be showcased in the best possible way. It’s amazing how a sense of touch can be very powerful.





3. Easily Tucked Away

The most persuasive reason to choose an 8×8 Book is the ability to tuck it away and wait for a proper time to flip through the pages. No one wants their children, friends or ex to find their digital photos on a shared computer so the best way to preserve your privacy is to have a quality book.

Bonus Tip – If you have been with that special someone for a long time, gift giving can become a challenging event. What do you give someone who has everything already? This book has been a popular gift to grooms, Christmas and Valentines Day gifts, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

I think we all can agree that this beautiful book will never be something you regret owning.






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