The Breakup Boudoir Session


what-to-do-after-a-breakup boudoir

The breakup! You know, that place you feel just a bit yucky. Even when the person’s great and there’s no bad blood between the two of you, sometimes you just can’t help but want to do something to feel good about yourself.

For some of us it means a fresh hairdo for others it’s a retail therapy trip (guilty). For other it’s a boudoir session because it’s fun and empowering.

It’s amazing how a boudoir session will bring back a woman’s energy, her vibe, her glow while creating some super fantastic photos.

Celebrate yourself, embrace your self-confidence and look sexy while doing this whole experience. Whether you’re happy to be single or still hurting from the heartbreak, a breakup boudoir session will be a reminder that you are worth it, and your significant other is missing out.

A boudoir session will ignite a new comfort level you never knew you had in you, and one you’ll never want to let go. It will showcase only you from your smile to your inner scars. It will reconnect you with your inner goddess.

The best part of doing your breakup boudoir session is that you’ll have this as a reminder that you are one fine woman. Display your photos in book, take them out to look at when you’re under the weather to remind yourself you are worth it and did something rewarding for yourself.

What better way to let go and move on, boost your confidence and have some fabulous photos to show for it all.

Let this experience unleash the true magic within you. No more fearing yourself, nor more focusing all of your energy on something negative, it is time to make your own personal kind of magic. Reclaim your inner goddess by booking your session today.

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You don’t have anything to wear? You don’t have time to go shopping before your session. No worries, I have you covered. Simply go through my boudoir lingerie closet and pick something from there.