The 3 Foundations for Boudoir photography

luminous ottawa boudoir photographer

luminous ottawa boudoir photography
When considering boudoir photography, looking for a photographer it’s helpful to take some time to investigate the photographer’s philosophies.

We all know boudoir is a very intimate experience and a top photographer will be a match creatively and personally.

These are 3 principles guidelines for a Boudoir Sessions:

7 reasons Every Woman Should try Boudoir Photography

1. Boudoir photography should take your own breath away. You should take a look at your own photos, gasp and say “holy crap that’s me and I am so freaking hot”. Imagine the power in seeing your own reflection in that way.

2. Boudoir is about celebrating YOU. Let’s mark your milestones through Boudoir Sessions. Is it your 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th (yes that’s right) birthday? Anniversary? Did you land your dream job? Get divorced? Reach a personal goal? A promotion, a wedding anniversary, got engaged, had twins, etc! Boudoir is a day of glamour, indulgence, a celebration for YOU, a confidence booster. No better way to commemorate than a photo session!

3. Your sensuality matters. I believe when we hide our sexual energy, we are hiding our potential to radiate what makes us unique. Boudoir is all about giving you a voice, energy and permission to turn that volume WAY UP. Sensuality is something we all have as women, however we don’t often see ourselves that way. Boudoir is a way to take you out of your comfort zone and reconnect with your inner goddess.

“Come pay tribute to yourself. Unleash your Inner Goddess” Call today at 613-841-1469 or email me to book your empowering experience.

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