Ottawa Glamour Photographer – Be Beautiful and Celebrate You!

You think boudoir is too risqué. What about a glamour session? It’s sassy without revealing too much other than your personality. Go to the back of your closet and take out that cocktail dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion. This is your special occasion. This is also an excuse to goout shopping for […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – A gift to yourself or someone Special

A boudoir session can show off your body before significant life changes occur like giving birth or later on in life’s seasons when experience is more important. Some women will do artistic nudes, others will entice their partner by hiding their assets under revealing lingerie or other props. – show off your ingenuity. One women […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – You think you are not Beautiful?

Boudoir is about capturing the essence of a women, who she really is. It can be empowering, exhilarating, inspiring and a great ego boost. Boudoir is about art and not about getting undressed, but rather you getting ready to show your best self. You think you are not beautiful ….then you are not seeing the […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Will you be a Modern Women?

When I was young and would look at a 50 year old lady, I would think of her as an Old Women. Now that I am in my 40s and working with women on a regular basis I get to meet these fantastic females and think that 50 is Hot, healthy, smart and very attractive. […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Quantity vs Quality

When women are looking for a boudoir photographer, they tend to look at the price and quantity of images vs. the quality and service. Anyone can take a camera and snap away. Not everyone has an artistic eye to accentuate the features of a women, understand professional lighting and make the client feel at ease […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Sweet and Sexy!

Boudoir photography is about capturing the essence of a women, who she really is. Boudoir can be empowering, uplifting and a great ego boost. Some women do it because they have arrived to a place in their life where they are comfortable with their bodies, or something they have conquered like cancer, cheat death or simply […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Who said Boudoir is for a certain Age?

Boudoir is not just for young girls with perfect bodies. It is not defined by age, gender, looks, weight or height. It’s a personal experience. It’s all about feeling sexy and incredible regardless of where you are in life. Boudoir is about celebrating your romantic and sensual side. Who says it needs to stop at […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Will you Take the Plunge?

Love yourself Now!!! Not when you lose the weight, not when you change your hairstyle, not when you wear the perfect jeans. You are a gift, you are special and you are someone to be valued and as beautiful as the next person. Look at yourself in the mirror, embrace your curves, your laugh lines, […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Surprise your Valentine

February is the month of love and exchange of affection. Why not treat yourself to that boudoir session you’ve always wanted. Let yourself be pampered to a relaxing and quiet atmosphere with soft music, candle lit room and enjoy a glass of wine. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to tell somebody that you love them […]