Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Quantity vs Quality

When women are looking for a boudoir photographer, they tend to look at the price and quantity of images vs. the quality and service. Anyone can take a camera and snap away. Not everyone has an artistic eye to accentuate the features of a women, understand professional lighting and make the client feel at ease […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Will you Take the Plunge?

Love yourself Now!!! Not when you lose the weight, not when you change your hairstyle, not when you wear the perfect jeans. You are a gift, you are special and you are someone to be valued and as beautiful as the next person. Look at yourself in the mirror, embrace your curves, your laugh lines, […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Surprise your Significant Other

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then trust that nothing will capture your true beauty like the experienced of a professional photographer. Witness the heart-racing reaction of your husband or boyfriend when he sees you in a way he has never seen you before. Whether it’s provocative, risqué, elegant or classic, your […]