Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – 50 and Fabulous

You are 50+ and you’re tired of being marketed by retirement homes, hemorrhoid cream and all those products that comes with aging, because you feel beautiful, fabulous and incredible. Today’s 50yr old women

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Will you be a Modern Women?

When I was young and would look at a 50 year old lady, I would think of her as an Old Women. Now that I am in my 40s and working with women on a regular basis I get to meet these fantastic females and think that 50 is Hot, healthy, smart and very attractive. […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Who said Boudoir is for a certain Age?

Boudoir is not just for young girls with perfect bodies. It is not defined by age, gender, looks, weight or height. It’s a personal experience. It’s all about feeling sexy and incredible regardless of where you are in life. Boudoir is about celebrating your romantic and sensual side. Who says it needs to stop at […]