Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – What is Boudoir?

Boudoir means a lady’s bedroom or private sitting room. It is hard to pin-point exactly when it started, but it has been noted that the French and Belgian prostitutes of the late 19th century would make postcards or images for their customers as a memento or to advertise for new business. With the advent of […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Sweet and Sexy!

Boudoir photography is about capturing the essence of a women, who she really is. Boudoir can be empowering, uplifting and a great ego boost. Some women do it because they have arrived to a place in their life where they are comfortable with their bodies, or something they have conquered like cancer, cheat death or simply […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – It’s Time to Think About You!

Isn’t time you took ownership of your body? Yes You!!! Remember a time in your life? Gain confidence and self-esteem? Boudoir photography used to be spoken in secrecy. It used to be a style of photography that was not considered appropriate due to a risqué nature. But today, women are more open and boudoir photography […]

Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – What Age is too old for Boudoir?

There is no age, shape or size for boudoir portraits neither is there a perfect body. Some women will choose to do their boudoir session before they start a family because their body is where they want it to be, other women are comfortable in their body and age is just a number. It’s all […]