Surprising things you should bring to your boudoir session!



Another common question boudoir photographers get asked is, “What should I bring to my boudoir session?”

Outfit ideas for your boudoir session, besides lingerie!

Here are 7 tips that will set you up for a successful boudoir session.

1) Your favourite snack. Bring it, and let’s dig in! When women think of boudoir, they think of fancy chocolate-covered strawberries. You don’t have to fit that bill. A simple snack will do. Did you know Chantal Benoit Photography will serve you a plate of cheese and grapes with a glass of wine. Having energy for your session is very important.


2) Your favourite pieces of jewelry. This can be your wedding ring, a sentimental necklace, or anything else to add sentimental value to your photos.

3) Your lingerie. Some photographers have a boudoir closet, and some don’t. However if you’re prepared, you’ll remember these and bring them! Chantal Benoit Photography offers a lingerie closet with all her boudoir sessions so no worry if you don’t own any lingerie pieces or forgot something.  Many women simply arrive with their purse and Chantal Benoit Photography supplies everything else.

4) Your stockings or thigh highs. They are great for accentuating legs! Especially with a nice pair of high heels, everything looks smooth and classy.

5) Your props. Don’t forget to bring them! Your Pedora hat, your bridal veil, sports helmet, football, hockey sticks, guitar, headphones, or even artsy props like perfume bottles!

6) If your eyes dry out quickly and become irritated from makeup, you might want to purchase a bottle of eye drops to prevent this from happening!

7) Bring backup lipstick as it won’t last all day, and touching it up is a lifesaver.

Bringing these items to your boudoir session will not only set you up for a win but will make you calm and worry less. With so much going on during the day, there is no need to add stress.

Hope you enjoyed these tips.

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You don’t have anything to wear? You don’t want to spend money on new lingerie? No problem, simply borrow something from my boudoir lingerie closet.