Show off your Fabulous 50 with a boudoir Session

boudoir for 50 year old

boudoir for 50 year old

Over the years you might have forgotten about yourself because your family was your priority and you got busy with your every day life. Your children are now grown up and are getting on with their life. They might be enjoying a night out while you stay home and babysit their kids.

Do yourself a favor, take the day off, book an appointment with the hairdresser and make up artist referred in my How to get Ready PDF, come at the studio and let yourself be captured in an elegant seductive way. Boudoir photography is about capturing your tasteful sensual side.

It’s OK to be nervous. 

Boudoir is a personal experience not just for young women with tone bodies. It’s all about feeling beautiful and incredible regardless of your age, gender, looks, weight or height.

Who says beauty needs to stop at a certain age. Raquel Welsh, Sophia Loren, Barbara Streisand are only getting better with age just like a fine wine.

Today’s women are much more fashionable. They no longer wear their hair in a bun and clothing with patterns. They wear skinny jeans with high heel shoes, designer clothes and nice jewelry. They get manicures, pedicures, facials and their hair colored on a regular basis because they want to feel good about themselves.

50 is Fun, Flirtatious and Fabulous. So what’s stopping you from being comfortable with how you look? Is it time you got your Sexy Back?

Connect with me today at 613-841-1469 or e-mail so I can capture your beauty.

“She is beautiful … She is a woman – Shakespeare”

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