Should you Wear Thigh Highs to your Boudoir Session



How to Prepare Your Hair and Skin for Your Boudoir Session

Outfit planning for your boudoir session is fun and exciting however you are wondering if you should wear thigh highs because you are concern about the muffin top.

Wearing thigh highs in your boudoir photos has the potential of totally transforming your boudoir photos into something very exquisite.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider wearing thigh highs to your boudoir session.

1. A special touch

A bare leg is definitely acceptable however a thigh high will give you more of a special vibe. It will allow you to wear a suspender belt along with your bra and panty set, compliment a bodysuit or high waisted knickers therefore adding a special touch to any of your outfits.

2. Your legs will look fabulous

Thigh Highs will make your legs look longer. It can cover blemishes, veins, scars etc and even out your skin tone. You can also worry less about the perfect wax or shave.




3. Posing ideas

Thigh Highs can be useful for posing ideas such as rolling up your stockings, holding your garter belt, pretending to fastening your suspender clip etc and these photos look awesome in a boudoir album.

When choosing your color of thigh highs, black goes well with everything. If your lingerie is a light color such as blush pink, mint or cream, you might want to consider nude thigh highs.

Take a backup pair especially if your thigh highs are important to your lingerie outfit. Even though your boudoir photographer can edit holes in Photoshop it’s much easier if your thigh highs are flawless.

Thigh Highs are known to look incredibly sensual in boudoir photos plus they are guaranteed to make your significant other’s head spin!! As no other piece of lingerie has such an alluring effect on the opposite sex such as thigh highs.

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