Should you wear Pharmacy fake nails for your boudoir session?

fake nails for boudoir sessions

fake nails for boudoir session

A boudoir session can add up. The hair, makeup, waxing, nails etc but in the long run it’s an investment. One small move to cut corners might end up being regretted.

Here are 3 reasons why you might not want to have pharmacy fake nails for your boudoir session.


1. They fall off easily. The glue will not be adhesive, causing the nails to peel off as you move around during your boudoir session or while you are changing outfits. This can result in paying extra charges to fix in your final choice of boudoir photos.

2. The quality of them might not the best and might show in the photos. Nails is an important detail in boudoir photos and can make a huge difference.

3. They might not cover your nails all around or fit properly therefore looking unnatural again resulting in extra charges to fix.

At the end of the day a simple manicure might be best instead of having to deal with these issues.

Follow this link to learn How a manicure adds to the visual interest of the photo.

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