Should You Purchase a Boudoir Book or Album?

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Having a boudoir session is a really big deal so why not invest into a boudoir book? If you’re like many of my other clients, I know that you’ve probably played with the idea of having a session for some time, and that making the decision caused a few butterflies. I also know that you invest money, time, emotion, and energy into the process from beginning to end.

For some, simply experiencing the session itself and seeing those digital files is enough, however others crave a tangible album. Something they can hold in their hands or gift to another. That’s where boudoir books and albums come into play.

A boudoir book or album gives you or your partner the opportunity to thumb through your boudoir photos. The ones you worked up the courage to pose for, and that make you feel incredible every time you look at them. Physical albums also give you an opportunity to include some of the more risqué photos. The ones you might not want to keep on your computer or online for privacy reasons.

Boudoir books and albums aren’t just a collection of photos. They’re carefully and thoughtfully designed to create a story using your favorite photos from your boudoir session. The highest quality paper, cover, and binding is used for an exquisite finish.

Don’t take my word for it see the example below and the 10×10 Album Miss ? choose of her amazing experience.

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