Reasons to always Wear Lingerie



Today we are talking about lingerie. Why wear lingerie? Some will say if there is no one special in their life there is no need to wear lingerie others will say even they have someone they will reject there is no need to bother because they are past the stage. Then there are those who believe their figure doesn’t deserve pretty lingerie. Being single or not, should never stuff your sensuality in a drawer. Lingerie is an opportunity to honor yourself every day.

Step Inside Our Boudoir Lingerie Closet

Lingerie allows for the seduction of self. You are the first to experience that pretty lace bra or slip into those silk panties. You might also be the only one in on the secret under that little black dress, or concealing a ravishing camisole underneath your business suit. Beautiful lingerie should not be limited as an instrument to catch a lover.

We all think we have flaws, and I believe in distracting those flaws, by accentuating the positive. I get such joy seeing my clients of different body shapes, sizes and body types embrace lingerie as a way to celebrate themselves.

For many, lingerie can feel like a fancy party we were invited to. All those delicate pieces look so pretty in the window or online however once you have them on, they feel as though they were made just for you in mind. Is it only for the super model just in you.

All boudoir clients want to look and feel confident during their session. The best way to do that is be choosing lingerie that will compliment your best features.

Comfort is also a priority. Know what sizes you wear, because the last thing you’ll want to feel is suffocated and tight. Have a professional measure you! You’ll want your top to support your bust without the girls coming out. Move around in your lingerie and see how it feels!

Think about what body parts of yours are your favorite. Also, think about which parts you want hidden. Worried about your tummy region? Try on different corsets, bustiers, bodysuits, a baby doll slip, t-shirts with cute panties, or a teddy.

If you’re really trying to show off your legs there are a variety of thigh highs, stockings, heels, and long socks that can accentuate those for you, no matter what type of lingerie you choose.

Did you know Chantal Benoit Photography offers a lingerie closet with your boudoir session? One less thing to worry about. Everything is there for you to choose from. Size small to 3x.

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