Reasonable beauty items under $15!



If you are like me, you are always looking for beauty tips to look and feel better, especially as you get older.

Here are 5 affordable beauty finds that you can buy over and over without complaining about the price tag.

First item is clay masks. A perfect way to treat skin impurities and calm inflamed skin. Not only does it work well on the face, it can also be used all over your body!

On the go and forgot to shave your peach fuzz? That’s okay. There are cheap travel razors you can buy online! Nobody has to know if you shaved your chin or lip hairs in the car!!

A huge top secret to make your eyes pop and get your money’s worth out of your mascara is Mascara PRIMER. You know those awful looking white mascaras? Apply that directly before your black mascara. You’ll thank me later for the advice.

Have you ever tried a lip scrub? If not, head over to your nearest store and buy one. Soften your lips and pucker up! It’ll soothe cracked and dried lips.

Lastly a face mask – when your skin breaks out or gets irritated it means it needs to chill out and cool down.

Hope you enjoyed those beauty finds. If you have any to share would love to hear it.

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