It’s a shame for you not to experience boudoir when these woman did it so easily

boudoir photo shoot before and after

Many woman think that they can’t do boudoir because they are not models until they see my Before and After boudoir photos and realize that the woman on my website are real woman. They are everyday women who are housewives, mothers and even grandmothers.

“I could never look like that” is a comment I hear often and I’m here to tell you “Yes you can”.

I have built a before and after portfolio for my consultation room to show that I work with real woman and not models. The portfolios is also to show the work of different salons in my area the clients can go to so they can have the same look.

What got me to do boudoir photography.


before and after boudoir pics


The transformation starts by having your hair and make-up professional done as it will make you feel so amazing. Seeing yourself that way will always be a reminder how beautiful you are even on the days you don’t feel so great.


before and after boudoir photos


The transformation will help you gain confidence and help you accept yourself as you are.


before and after boudoir


Every woman is uniquely beautiful – and I love the opportunity to give them an experience where they can see themselves in a new light.


before and after hair and makeup


The before and after boudoir photos show the transformation for my clients, and should be a reminder that even on a bad day – you are still beautiful.

boudoir photo shoot before and after

boudoir before and after

When will you begin to believe that you are a powerhouse goddess just waiting to take over the world?

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