Why posing is important in boudoir photos

Posing and lighting matters especially when it comes to boudoir photography. The hands and feet play an important role so women look and feel feminine and elegant.  The position of the body is important to show or hide different features.

Kira from Creative Photography Classes has a fantastic example of this in the photo below.


pictures of a women showing different poses


As you will see I did the same with Miss Suzy.  I started by posing her facing the camera which adds weight to the shoulders, then I bent her leg to give her a curve in her hips but because she is still facing the camera, her shoulders still look stiff and square.  I brought the hands in on her waist to make it look smaller but the shoulders are still pretty square.  Finally, I re-positioned her body to give her a sexy curve making her look feminine and classy.

Women showing different boudoir poses.


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