Reveal your Sexy!

Beauty isn’t something that is cookie-cuter, or even easily defined. It isn’t even physical. It’s a look into a person’s eyes. A look that says, I have a secret to tell you. Or a look that says, I have something rare in this world and I am at peace with who I am. Beauty is fierce. It’s that look in the eyes that says I think I am pretty fabulous and I don’t really care if you don’t agree.

Many women opt for such a photo shoot as a gift to their partner or as a way to capture the beauty of their youth. It is the greatest opportunity to capture the sensual side of yourself.
A Boudoir session will give you the chance to do something completely out of the ordinary. At the same time, take a day to be pampered, feel sexy and showcase your unique beauty in appropriate lighting. My boudoir photographs aim to show the essence of your beauty, your womanhood and all that you empower.

Boudoir session is a great opportunity for a mother/daughter pampering afternoon
Boudoir session is a great opportunity for a mother/daughter pampering afternoon

Dominique saw my February Boudoir special on my Facebook page and decided to book a session for herself and for her mom Taralee. They both thought it would be a great gift for their significant other, but also a mother/daughter fabulous girl’s day out.

Their day started by Dominique styling their hair. She is a hairdresser, so she knew how to take care of the hair so they would both look incredible. Then off they went to Carte Blanche in Orleans to get their makeup done.

Many poses where taken during their afternoon at my studio. We exchanged many laughs and capturing photos of these 2 beautiful ladies was a delight.

Don’t wait until you are perfect. E-mail me to book your session today. Come and have a fabulous time with an amazing photographer that will coach you through every bit of the session.

Check out this slideshow and view how beautifully Dominique and Taralee were captured.