Pay only for the Photos you Love Rather than..



I would rather client pay a flat fee for their boudoir session and then purchase only the photos and products they like from their sessions than to walk away with a pre-fab package of photos they are not crazy about. This means the better photos I produce the more they will choose such as the 10×10 album that contains 30 photos which is one of my most popular package.

Wonder what women do with their Photos?


Many photographers have packages you pre pay and they simply send you a bunch of digital files after your session. On the surface this might seem to make sense, however since you’re paying the same whether or not you like your photos after your session, there’s literally no room or incentive for the photographer to do the best or be creative for you since you’ve already paid.

With the A La Carte pricing structure, clients are in full control over how much they basically choose to spend. You can literally come to your reveal session and not buy anything if you don’t like your photos.

Pre-paid packages based on time with the photographer can’t guarantee that you will love everything the photographer will produce for you. Some women have admitted to spending thousands of dollars on other boudoir photo sessions and not being happy with the final result. It happens way more than you think!

Do yourself a favor and find a photographer who allows you to purchase only the photos and products you absolutely love from your boudoir session.

Still not sure because you don’t have anything you like in your closet? Don’t want to go buy new lingerie and spend more money? No problem, simply borrow something from my boudoir lingerie closet.

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