Ottawa Pinup Photographer – Is Chantal Benoit Photographer a Brand?

Ann is Rola’s sister and she too was super excited about the pinup special.  She’s full of life and energy just like her sister.  Ann is getting married in September can you imagine how beautiful she will be just like the models in magazine (I wasn’t available to photograph her wedding boo hoo).  She wanted to do a little something something …. for her fiancé.  She was unable to keep a secret from him so he’s looking forward in seeing the images.  We had fun trying the look of all different facial expression.  Ann is certainly not afraid to strike a pose and play a pinup character.

During the selection of the photos, Ann mentioned how she was impress with the outcome of her photos and that it was worth spending the money.  “When you buy at Chantal Benoit Photographer, you pay for a brand name just like a Prada Purse” is what she said.  She can’t wait to show her album to her fiancé.

I always saw myself as a portrait photographer who captures people’s beauty.  Could it be after 18 years of business clients associate my company name with a brand.  I’ve read many articles on the Importance of Branding, that it makes a difference but never did associate myself to a brand. A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, design that will identfy a seller’s services.   Nike is a brand “Just do It”.  All I ever wanted was to be a portrait photographer specializing in weddings, boudoir/pinup, maternity, babies and family.

I would love your feedback about this.