Ottawa Pinup Photographer – Do You Need a Sexy Fixing?


Rola got married in 2006 and I was their choosen photographer. It was a beautiful September wedding at St-Elias and the photos were captured at Mooney’s Bay.  You should see their wedding album.  Since then I’ve done maternity and baby photos of their 2 children.  Rola always says she likes me because I’m to the point, no beating around the bush (I think I’m too direct and need to be softer) and she’s getting quality images.  She doesn’t bother looking at other photographers and I’m thankful for that.

Rola was the first one to call me to book a pinup session when I sent out the special 10 minutes after clicking the send button.  She was super excited.  Her husband is an owner of a garage so when she saw the sexy Betty costume she thought it would be a good way to floor him.  Rola is a fun person to be with, always smiling, in a good mood, gutsy, full of energy and confident.  It was not difficult at all to do this session with her as pinup is a time to be playful, laugh and innocent.  Anyone can do pinup.

I notice that women are getting more comfortable with their bodies and sexuality.  There are more realty shows exposing intimacy, aerobics classes are being replaced by pole dancing, the Calvin Klein adds are always attactive.  Women think they need to look like a model to do pinup photography.  It’s all about showing curves and attitude.  The more the better!!!  Many pinup celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe where considered sex symbols.  Betty Grable became the sex symbol of millions of soldiers. Beth Midler look very sexy in her pinup outfits in the movie “For the boys”.  The bottom line is Sex Sells!!!! 

So do you need a sexy fixing????