Ottawa Pin-up Photography Testimonial

Brigitte came to the studio to have a Pin-up portrait session.  She went out of her way to research the poses, make-up and whatever would make her photos reflect that era.  She brought in some of her own props and costume.  What a good time we had!!  Brigitte is not afraid of the camera which makes it easy for her to reveal her sensuality, her playfulness and strike a pose!!!  Here is what she had to say about her experience.

“I must say it was lots of fun researching the 1950’s pin-up look to get ready for the photo shoot like: the makeup, the hair and the different exaggerated facial expressions typical of the 1950’s magazine adds.  I loved the photos Chantal took.  The poses and the different finishing colors on some of the photographs made them look like they were right out of an old magazine.

I recommend women of all ages to, at least once in their life time, do a photo shoot. The experience will leave you feeling beautiful and special.  Those moments captured on the photos will serve as a memory of that special time you took just for you!!

Thank you Chantal for making me feel special and capturing my inner and outer beauty.”

Thank you Brigitte for your confidence.  It was a pleasure working with you.