Ottawa Pin-up Photography – Pin-up Girl? Why Not?

Pin-up portraits is a movie star’s day out, stopping traffic, accelerating pulses, being a tease, going back to an era of seamed stockings and cherry lips and one piece bathing suits. Showing off those legs, curves and a voluptuous bosom with enticing cleavage, flashy hair style or mysterious eyes à la Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, Ann Margaret, Carmen Electra or attitude à la James Dean. It’s about you being confident with who you are and acting out the pose that entices.

This playful session is an experience to remember and your chance to act it out. Pin-up is an excellent way to show your sexy side without revealing too much.


Laurie was in need of some pampering. With a 2 year old son, a full time job and the owner of a horse ranch, she completely forgot about herself and thought this session would be uplifting.

She came in with bags full of clothing and props and was well prepared to go back to the pin-up era. It was fun to capture the different costumes and looks. After completing the pin-up session, I had a bit of spare time so I convinced Laurie to do a bit a nudes to show off her gorgeous legs.

Take a look at this slideshow and check out the results.