Ottawa Pin-up Photography – It was a teeny weeny pock-a-dot bikini

I have known Christine for many years.  I have seen her blossom into a beautiful bride to embracing motherhood.  I’ve had the opportunity to use her for several projects and competition photos.

She approached me recently for a pin-up session.  Although it took her one hour to do her hair I think she did a pretty good job in dressing up for the part to reflect the 1950’s.   She looks like a true pin-up model.   We had fun working with a sailor outfit, a sexy pooddle skirt, an army attire and of course the pock-a-dot bikini.  Christine ordered her costumes online however it’s amazing what you might find in your closet that can be used to create these images.  I love doing this type of photography as the clients get to have fun and the images are stunning.

Christine is one of the owners of Fang Shen Do and remains in stay by teaching numerous classes.